Teaching Taekwon-do can make you Happy & Sad

Teaching Taekwon-do

Teaching Taekwon-do can make you extremely Happy 🤗 and Sad 😢 at the same time!

This week we have had the largest groups of students training and filling the dojang since before the Covid lockdowns. 🤗

But during the Thursday session one of our lovely ladies suffered a torn tendon and is now in plaster for 6-8 weeks! 😢

The ying and yang of life I guess.

We all wish Amanda a speedy recovery, as she now faces a real test of her indomitable spirit! Your Taekwon-do family will be keeping in touch ❤️

Now for the Happy 😊

It was so good for Mr and Mrs B to see such a wonderful group of students enjoying Taekwon-do again. This is something we have worked tirelessly at, to bring the club back from the extreme lows of the lockdowns, and back to teaching our traditional martial art the way it was meant to be!

Thank you ICENI Taekwon-do. 🥋

Amanda you will be back, this is just a diversion on your Taekwon-do journey!

Mr and Mrs B