Korean Terminology

This is small list of Korean you can expect to hear in a normal training session.

Attention = Charyot
Classification of Instructor (1st to 3rd degree) = Boo-Sabum, Nim Geh
International Instructor (4th to 6th degree) = Sabum, Nim Geh
Bow = Kyong – Ye
Commence/Start = Si Jak
Ready = Junbi
Stop = Goman
Return to Ready Stance = Baro
About Turn = Dwiyo Torra

Left = Wen
Right = Oran

Training Room = Dojang
Training Suit = Dobok

One = Hana 
Two = Dool 
Three = Set 
Four = Net 
Five = Tasot 
Six = Yaset 
Seven = Ilgop 
Eight = Yadul 
Nine = Ahop 
Ten = Yul 

Blue and Red in competitions are called Hong(red) Chong(blue).

Other Korean terminology can be found in your belt grading syllabus once you register as a student.

And on these very helpful web sites: 

Korean Terminology


Hand and foot parts – Korean names
Korean Terminology Hand and foot parts – Korean names
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