2022 Year of The TIGER!

Iceni Taekwondo Self defence martial arts. Bring All the family: Children, Parents and Grandparents …All Welcome!

2022 Year of The TIGER!

Come and Try Taekwon-do for FREE!

Bring All the family: Children, Parents and Grandparents …
All are Welcome!

Book sessions here iceniTKD.uk

Our self defence martial arts training gives all our students knowledge and awareness to Protect using Taekwon-do.

Mind, Body & Indomitable Spirit





ICENI Taekwon-do students are invited!

Registration will be open from 6th February!! If you are interested speak to your instructors!

Venue: Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore

Doors open 8:30am

Colour & Black Belt Championships

This Competition is for all ages and belt categories “Pee-wee, Junior, Adult, Veteran”

This is a great competition, so come and give it a go.

GTUK National Tournament Categories:
Dragons – under 6 years old
Peewee 6-7 inclusive and 8-10 inclusive
Junior 11-13 inclusive and 14-16 inclusive
Adult 17-39 inclusive
Veteran 40+


Competitor entry fee: Coloured Belt and Blackbelts £20

Grand Master Oldham and the Tournament Committee are honoured to invite and welcome you to our GTUK 2022 Individual Championships. We are working hard to ensure that our tournaments are a memorable and enjoyable experience for both competitors and their families, bringing together members of the GTUK, young and old from all of our regions of the UK. Grand Master Oldham and the Tournament Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your competitor(s) for the continued support at the GTUK championships.

This individual championship is open to students of all ages and levels of TaeKwon-Do, giving each and every student the opportunity to take part in competitive patterns, sparring and where age appropriate destruction. All students are placed into categories according to their age and belts to give everyone a fair chance to compete to become GTUK National Champions.

The venue has free parking and there will also be opportunity to purchase photographs and refreshments on the day if desired.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take part! Please complete the form below and return with fees to your Club instructors before 1st March 2022Spectators pay on the day. Entry Fees: £20, Spectators £5 – under 8s free when accompanied by a paying adult.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Best wishes

Master Auciello GTUK Tournament Team

Information for GTUK 2022 Championships

Date & Time 
Saturday 5th March 2022, registration starts at 8:30am.

Could you please meet your Instructors outside the venue; they will then escort the competitors into the Main hall. Spectators are free to pay and enter through the spectators door as and when.

The competition is being held in the external hall at:
Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton-On-Dunsmore, CV8 3FL

Equipment & Dress code
All students are recommended to travel in casual clothes, please wear any club or GTUK merchandise if you have it. There are facilities there for all students to change into their Doboks when they arrive. Please don’t forget your belt! All boys are required to wear groin guards, and we suggest that any long hair is tied up and pulled back off the students face. If you have your own sparring gear please ensure you have it with you. Any jewellery should be removed, or covered with plasters if it really cannot be taken out; please be advised though any jewellery worn is completely at your own risk.

Format of the day
Students will register as a club, and will be taken through to the main hall, where they can rejoin their parents/guardians, we would recommend they then get changed and then use any spare time to warm up and practice. Grand Master Oldham and the senior grades will open the tournament at aprox. 9:30. There will be a holding area where all competitors will remain until their category is ready to commence. Students will be called and will bow to the judges. In the patterns category they will be asked which pattern they will be doing, and they will then perform that pattern against their opponent, judges will signal which competitor is successful at the end. This will continue through to the final. Similarly for sparring, students will be called up, and will bow in and then students will compete to see who achieves the most points during the time.

Medals will be presented during a number of ceremonies throughout the day.

Any parents wishing to take photographs or video need to sign a form when they arrive into the building. There may also be a 3rd party professional photographer onsite, who will be taking photographs during the day. If students’ photos are taken you can purchase these to take away on the day.

We recommend that you take a pack up with you and some entertainment for young children. There is however a cafeteria which sells hot and cold drinks, crisps, bacon and sausage sandwiches for you during the day should you need it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your Instructors on the day.

We would like to wish you all the very best of luck and hope you enjoy your day, and also take this opportunity to thank you for your support!

Taekwon-do gives you the power to Protect!

Our self defence martial arts training gives all our students knowledge and awareness to Protect using Taekwon-do, no matter how shorter time they can train with us, they will learn something they will remember all of their lives.

At ICENI Taekwon-do we can teach all the basics in 3 months of regular training.

We realise not everyone wants to become a Taekwon-do Black Belt!

If you train regularly with us for 3 to 12 months you will become stronger, fitter and more confident. Ready to face the challenges of everyday life!

So Come and Try for FREE!

Bring All the family: Children, Parents and Grandparents …

All are Welcome!

Book sessions here iceniTKD.uk

Only a very small percent of students go on to become Black Belts … but you may even be one of them!

Mind, Body & Indomitable Spirit

Getting Ready for Your First Taekwondo Session

Fantastic form of exercise. First Taekwondo Session

Taekwondo is a fantastic form of exercise and is a lot of fun, but it’s also the opportunity to learn a specific set of skills and disciplines that you won’t find on any old gym floor. If you have been inspired to try Taekwondo as a fun way to get in more exercise and to learn this brilliant martial art, you might be wondering how to prepare for your first session. Well, below are a few tips to help you out and make sure you’re getting the most out of the experience. 

Invest in a Quality Gym Bag

If you’re attending your classes after work, you’ll need to bring a suitable change of clothes with you. This is where a quality gym bag will be useful, one that is big enough for you to keep your gym wear, water bottle, and to put your keys, wallet, etc., all in one place. Backpacks are a good style of gym bag as they are easy to carry, so why not treat yourself to one of these backpacks for sports people.  

Fuel Up

Your first Taekwondo session might not be too strenuous as it will be a chance for you to go over the basics, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still need energy. Just like any form of exercise, it’s sensible to fuel up on smart foods to give you an energy boost beforehand. Don’t eat straight before your class, but about an hour before so you’re not moving around on a full stomach. A healthy snack would work well, and then eat a nutritious meal afterwards to help your body recover. You must remember to bring water with you as well, as staying hydrated is key.

Be Punctual

There are many things that could make you late for your class but try to be punctual. Your instructor has other students to teach, and it is better for everyone if they are not interrupted with you arriving late. You’ll also benefit from the full session if you arrive on time rather than having to try and catch up when you have missed the introduction. Aim to be at your class at least ten minutes before it starts, and if you are late for whatever reason, slip in quietly at the back to minimize disruption to the rest of the class.

Be Prepared for a Few Bruises

Martial arts can get rough at times, but it’s important to remember that you are in a safe space. You should be prepared to perhaps walk away from your first session with a few bumps and bruises, but provided you follow the safety guidance from your instructor, you shouldn’t come away with any serious injury. You will be going over the basics at first so you can build up your confidence and get used to sparing with your classmates during your sessions moving forward.

Taekwondo is a great sport and fantastic discipline, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to it. If you are about to attend your first session, use these tips to help you prepare for it.

New Tribe Members welcome at ICENI Taekwon-do!

Come and learn our martial art … no previous experience required.

self defence martial art

New Tribe Members are always welcome at ICENI Taekwon-do!

ICENI Taekwon-do is great for the Mind, the Body, and building an Indomitable Spirit.

Our self defence martial art will help you develop your Fitness, Strength and Confidence.

self defence martial art

ICENI Taekwon-do instructors and Black Belt assistants are highly experienced in the teachings of traditional Taekwon-do.

Continuing to pass on the original techniques that can be traced back via their own GTUK Grandmaster and Masters,
to the original founder of Taekwon-do, General Choi Hong-hi.

British Taekwondo Council

ICENI Taekwon-do is also a member of the British Taekwondo Council,
the National Governing Body for Taekwondo in the UK.

This all ensures your tuition is in safe hands … and feet 😀

Book your sessions here: iceniTKD.uk


Mr and Mrs B
National Instructors

ICENI Taekwon-do Fighting Covid-19 … 2022 First Taekwon-do class done

ICENI Taekwon-do Fighting

ICENI Taekwon-do Fighting Covid-19 … we will get through this!

2022 First Taekwon-do class done ✅

Well done to those who started back with us for our first session of 2022.

ICENI Taekwon-do Fighting Covid-19

Unfortunately it looks like Covid-19 will be our main opponent for January and maybe February, so please train with us when you can.

Check your symptoms before you join a class.

Get your vaccinations when offered.

Let us know if you want to train socially distanced, we will arrange it!

Your instructors lateral flow test before each session to keep us all as safe as possible.

ICENI Taekwon-do

Mind, Body & Indomitable Spirit
Fitness, Strength, Confidence

Book your sessions here: iceniTKD.uk


Mr and Mrs B

Grading Congratulations to our ICENI Taekwon-do students!

ICENI Taekwon-do students

Grading Congratulations to our ICENI Taekwon-do students!

The last grading of 2021 with GTUK senior Examiner Master Steve King VII Dan.

We thank Mr Gillett V Dan, for holding the grading with his Bungay Taekwon-do club on 16th December.

Well done everyone of you, Mr and Mrs B are very proud of all your performances.

Truly showing the Tenets of Taekwon-do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control & Indomitable Spirit.

All of which we have had to show this year, battling against the pandemic, which unfortunately has again reared its head.

ICENI Taekwon-do students

Happy Christmas and (hopefully) a Better New Year!

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas and (hopefully) a Better New Year!

Mr and Mrs B

Next Class Thursday 6th January 2022 7pm at the Venue, Beccles

The club is set to return to training on Thursday 6th January, covid permitting, but please always check the website for the latest news.

Check out our 2022 Events here:

The GTUK wishes you a very happy Christmas

GTUK Executive

To all Students, Instructors and friends of the GTUK around the world.

On behalf of GMO and the GTUK Executive board we wish you a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

The pandemic caused so many problems for everyone and the GTUK has suffered, but we have made some great progress in getting back to normality.

Thank you to all students and their families for supporting the GTUK Invitational Championships back in October, the first big event after restrictions were lifted.

Then a massive and well earned congratulations to those students that took both National and International Degree tests at the Blackbelt grading, such a great standard after a long break in training for many of you.

We look back and congratulate the Instructors and Students that have worked hard rebuilding the Association.

We still have some work to do in 2021, Good luck to all students taking tests in the next two weeks.

Finally, we eagerly look towards 2022, the continued growth, more events and seeing you all again.

Best wishes for the festive season and a very happy New Year. 🎄🎅🏼🎁

Grand Master Oldham & the GTUK Executive board.


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