What to expect in a Taekwon-do session

What to expect in a Taekwon-do session

Taekwon-Do aims to promote a healthy body and mind and so every lesson starts with a warm up to prepare the muscles, joints and cardiovascular system for exercise. Everyone has different levels of fitness, including newer members and those who have been training for longer periods of time, and this is taken into account by the instructors when beginning a lesson.

New students can wear loose clothing, such as joggers and a T-Shirt.

Taekwon-do uses a belt grading syllabus to rank students progress.

Lessons are varied to maintain students’ interest and tailored towards the needs of the class. Each lesson will be different to the next so students learn and practise all aspects of Taekwon-Do. These include drill work (practising individual moves or skills), patterns (a given routine of movements), self-defence, pre-arranged sparring (where students must include given moves), free sparring and destruction.

Instructors will often, depending on the needs of the class, begin with the more basic skills and work towards the more advanced skills. Although students will be encouraged to try new things, you will never be asked to do something beyond your capabilities.

Each lesson will end with a cool down to allow the body to recover from the session and reduce the risk of injury the following day. Any students with existing injuries should inform their instructor at the start of the lesson so that these can be taken into account.

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