NEWS of December Seminar Grading and Christmas Fun Session!

Taekwon-do seminar grading

Our Next Grading is on Monday 11th December, from 6.20pm

This one is going to be a little bit different from our usual grading format . . .


. . . this time you will get to learn more about your Taekwon-do and still grade at the same session.

Mr and Mrs B, along with examiner, Mr Gillet VI will be conducting the seminar.

* There is No Fee for our Black Belts to attend and join in *

“Drill work, Techniques, Patterns, Sparring, Destruction,
React & counter Self Defence, Knife Defence …”

You can book your place for the Seminar Belt Grading here:

 ICENI TKD Clobber available before Christmas!

 ICENI TKD Clobber available

Click here to purchase online: Hoodies & Ts

Mr & Mrs B’s Christmas Fun Session!!

Mon 18th December, this is our last class before the Christmas Break, don’t miss it! 

 Book here!

Classes start back on Thursday 4th January 2024: