GTUK England Squad Opportunities

Open invitation to all GTUK Students aged 8 and over:

GTUK England Development Squad
What is Development Squad?
The aim of the England Development Squad to allow students to attend additional training with other like minded students and develop technique, confidence and ability, to be the best they can be. SQUAD TRAINING sessions cover sparring technique, patterns, power breaking, special technique, as well as team patterns, and competition scenarios.
Who can attend?
SQUAD TRAINING is open to all GTUK students aged 8 and over, it is not by selection or invitation by GTUK Coaches; students just need approval from their Instructors prior to attending. As Coaches we actively encourage Instructors to attend themselves, and to send their students, however we must point out that squad training is in addition to club training, not replacement. We can accept children occasionally under the age of 8 by prior agreement by the coaches, and their instructor.
Cost of squad training is £7 for 3 hours, and we will require to see proof of insurance upon registration, and we can ask for proof at any point during your training.
Visit for latest training sessions.
Please DOWNLOAD, print, complete and bring to the session, with your registration form.
What to wear/bring? IMPORTANT
Students should wear white doboks, and current belt, and MUST bring along a full set of sparring equipment; headguard, closed fingered gloves, and footpads. Male students should wear groin guards. The session is intended to push your own individual limits, (we’re all different, and you know your levels), so we recommend not training when injured, and to always bring plenty of fluids.
Any Questions?
Email [email protected]