Fees & License/Insurance

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How much does it cost?

Before your first lesson you will be expected to fill in an insurance* form (Parents need to sign for under 16′s) so you are covered by our insurance. If you decide you would like to continue training after the 1st 4 sessions the costs are as follows.

License/Insurance: ANNUALLY
£30 for insurance – annual cost. DOWNLOAD FORM > LICENSE/INSURANCE FORMS

Session Fees:
£8 per person per 90 minute session (Mondays & Thursdays)

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Gradings Every 3 months
£35 for belt gradings

Training suits
£48 Top quality suit customised with the ITF and ICENI logos, it will last many years.

Sparring equipment can also be purchased via your instructors, please click here for details. Sparring gloves need to have closed fingers!

Important: Groin Guards
Boys an adult men all need groin guards before they are allowed to spar, we do not supply these but we can purchase on your behalf cost, £10.

*Why do I need insurance?
In all contact sports there is a potential for injury. Martial Arts are no different, and it would be unethical of someone to train you without insurance, especially where children are concerned.