Congratulations to all our students who graded on Sunday 16th Dec 2012

Congratulations to all our students who graded on Sunday 16th Dec 2012, 100% pass rate, well done.



Students from Bungay and Beccles Taekwondo clubs had their last grading of the year and it was a truly successful one with Steve King 5th Degree grading examiner saying that the standards of the students patterns and techniques was the best he has seen this quarter.

There followed the end of year celebrations and awards with a hog roast provided by Grooms of Bungay with over 100 people in attendance. Pee wee student of the year went to Kylan Taylor (aged 9) with Adam Fuller (aged 8) getting runner up, whilst his brother Lewis Fuller (aged 14) received Junior student of the year with Josh Cawthorne (aged 16) getting runner up. The adult award was won by Amanda Burden and runner up was Karl Swanston.

Various other awards, certificates and belts were presented including the famous “Barry” (stuffed tiger) awards for specific talents and was crowned by a toast to everyone for their massive achievements in the year (over 100 medals at local and national competitions!) Black belts were rewarded for their efforts and teaching by Mr Clinton Gillett (4th Degree) who said that they make him  and GTUK very proud.

The clubs will be closed for Christmas but will reopen with welcome arms for anyone who wants to get fit after the festive season on Tuesday 8th January, so check out the details on or

Black Belt Students after a very successful grading in Wellingborough Nov 2012

On Saturday 17th November 2012, Taekwon-do students from Bungay and Beccles clubs travelled to Wellingborough for the GTUK national Black belt grading. They had to perform their syllabus examination in front of the GTUK Senior instructors headed by Master Oldham 8th Degree.

The grading started at 9.30am, and finished at 6pm, this is a gruelling examination of fitness, technique and mental strength, including technical theory, and finally showing the competent ability to break several pieces of 1 inch pine for the destruction section of the grading.

The successful students were:

1st Degree Junior Black Belts:
Saskia Bayliss, Reece Jordan, Callum Read

1st Star 1st Degree Junior Black Belts:
Jenna Akerman, Sophie Akerman, Kalun Bedingfield

1 and a half Degree Veteran Black Belt:
Susan Bedingfield

2nd Degree Adult Black Belt:
Logan Bedingfield

Anyone is welcome to come and try Taekwon-do in Beccles or Bungay,
1st lesson is Free!


Beccles Taekwon-do first grading and other news

Hi All,

Beccles First Belt Grading 16th December 2012

We have our 1st Grading coming up on Sunday the 16th December, it will be held at Bungay High School Hall 1. See here for directions.

Start time confirmed as 1pm.

Our members will be grading with members from the Bungay Club.

The cost of the grading is £28, which we will require along with your license for us to be able to enter you for the grading.

The grading is held in front of Mr King 5th Degree from Wellingborough, and Mr Gillett 4th Degree from Bungay, but we will fully prepare our students for the session.

The grading lasts for about 2 hours, and will be followed by Bungay’s end of year party and awards, which our Beccles members who are grading are also invited to.

The next grading is in March 2013.

Doboks and Equipment

We now have our own doboks set up with our Beccles Logo, please click here to see the price list and order form for equipment.
Please note we will require payment with the order.

Christmas Break

We will not be training over Christmas, so our last Tuesday is the 18th of December, and we restart on Tuesday 8th of January.

Help Promote the Club

Please click here for a come and try poster, which can be printed and distribute in and around Beccles.

For up to date info please regularly check our website

or call Nigel and Susan Bedingfield on [email protected]

or email: [email protected]

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Beccles and Bungay Taekwondo Clubs have Successful British Championships

Bungay and Beccles Black Belts at the GTUK British Champs 2012
Bungay and Beccles Clubs at the GTUK British Champs 2012
Bungay and Beccles Clubs at the GTUK British Champs 2012

More photos will be online from the events photographers DE PHOTO:
Martial Arts\GTUK British Championships\2012\GTUK British Individual Championships 27th October

Keep calm and kick to the head! 14 Competitors! 19 Medals!

Beccles and Bungay Taekwon-do clubs unite at the GTUK British Championships at Ryton in Coventry, on 27th Oct 2012.

An early start for many of the 14 competitors and encouraging supporters from Beccles and Bungay on Saturday morning, an 8.30 a.m registration meant tiredness and nerves, however, adrenaline soon kicked in for the Pee-wees (12 years and under) and the Juniors (13–16 years old) as they were called up to perform their patterns and sparring.

Up first was Adam Fuller winning a silver medal for sparring after undergoing many well fought bouts, older brother Lewis Fuller won a well deserved gold medal for patterns and silver for sparring. Jacob Burden won a silver medal for patterns and his younger brother Benjamin Burden won a bronze medal in sparring.

Junior Callum Read won a gold medal in sparring, and Saskia Baylis won double bronze for patterns and sparring, whilst Jake Swanson marginally missed out on medals yet fought just as hard.

Next up were black belt juniors Jenna Akerman won a bronze medal for patterns and silver for sparring with twin sister Sophie Akerman winning a bronze medal in sparring. Kal Bedingfield just missing out on the medal positions against some stiff competition.

Black belt adults were Lianne Hatcher who won a much deserved silver medal in sparring and Logan Bedingfield who won a well fought gold medal for sparring.

Next up were veteran black belts Susie and Nidge Bedingfield, Susie winning a gold medal in patterns and Nidge winning silver in patterns and bronze in sparring.

All competitors fought with amazing ability and triumphant courage as the nerves and reality of the competition sunk in.

Once all individual competitions were completed, the special team event for black belt England Squad members commenced, made up of teams of 3 competitors.

Members from Bungay participated in this event, all displaying the true spirit of Taekwon-do.

Jenna Akerman took the gold trophy with her team winning, her sister, Sophie’s team won the silver.

Kal Bedingfield also took home a well-deserved bronze trophy.

All team members fought well showing great Taekwon-do ability.

Report by Sophie Akerman


New members are always welcome to join in at either Bungay or Beccles for fun, fitness and fighting.

Please contact
Clinton Gillett 01986 892140 for the Bungay Club,
Susie or Nidge Bedingfield [email protected] for the Beccles Club.


The sport of Taekwondo ‘kicked off’ in Beccles last Tuesday evening followed by a very successful demo on Saturday

The sport of Taekwondo ‘kicked off’ in Beccles last Tuesday evening. The first class was attended by 14 students, and led by Black Belt instructors Susie and Nidge Bedingfield.

Then on Saturday, an excellent Taekwondo demonstration was put on which included 6 local GTUK England Squad members, 3 adults and 3 juniors, showing the powerful skill levels that can be achieved in this martial art.

On display were fighting patterns, punching and kicking techniques, self defence, destruction, and sparring.

After the demo, potentially new members were encouraged to come and have a go on a kick shield.

more photos can be seen here

Click here for Classes information.

Taekwondo is a great family sport, where mums and dads can learn alongside their children.

If you would like to come and try Taekwondo in Beccles, please just turn up in joggers and a t-shirt, and bring a drink…1st Lesson is Free! 

Telephone Susie on [email protected]

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