New members Come and Try for Free on Friday 24th September

New members welcome to Come and Try for Free on Friday 24th September

Next Thursday 23rd Sept the Venue has a school event so our class has been moved to Friday 24th 6.30 to 8pm.

So as the Friday evening is a one off session we thought it would be a good opportunity to invite new students to come and try Taekwon-do for Free!, Booking is available

Mr & Mrs B

British Open Taekwon-do Championships 2021

British Open Taekwon-do Championships

British Open Taekwon-do Championships

8:30am 16th October 2021

Venue: Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore

(More information to come from your instructors soon!)

Colour & Black Belt Championships

This Competiton is for all ages and belt categories “Pee-wee, Junior, Adult, Veteran”This is a great competition,so come and give it a go.

Competitor entry fee: Coloured Belt and Blackbelts £20

The competition is open to students of all ages and levels of Taekwon-Do, giving each and every student the opportunity to take part in competitive patterns, sparring, special technique and where age appropriate destruction. All students are placed into categories according to their age, height, and belt to give everyone a fair chance to compete to become GTUK British Champion.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Best wishes

Master Auciello

It is so good to see the energy and spirit coming back to the club!

ICENI Taekwon-do jingle courtesy Beccles Town Radio

We had a great session last night!

It is so good to see the energy and spirit coming back to the club!

Bag work sounding really powerful!

Sparring looking lively and competitive!

Also, this was the 1st time since lockdown that we had enough students to split the class for techniques and patterns. 

Great work guys!

Mr & Mrs B. 👊👊

learn Traditional Taekwon-do @ ICENI Taekwon-do

Mind, Body & Indomitable Spirit
Past, Present & Future

Come and learn Traditional Taekwon-do with us.

1st Session is FREE!

Book your sessions here!

We are rebranding as ICENI TAEKWON-DO


Mind, Body & Indomitable Spirit

Past, Present & Future

We are rebranding as ICENI TAEKWON-DO, so please bare with us as we make the changes.

Our booking system has been updated and works as previously.


As long time instructors, we felt it was a good time to change our identity, one that more represents the locations of our students who come from all over the Norfolk and Suffolk region to learn our martial art: Lowestoft, Beccles, Bungay, Loddon, Halesworth, Southwold, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Carlton Colville, Oulton Broad, Norwich, Harleston . . .

The new logo is an ancient ICENI celt triskele symbol.

The 3 spirals have many meanings relating to the circles of life, and the spiritual elements of the Earth, all of which fits perfectly with the teachings of Traditional Taekwon-do: 

Past, Present & Future

We have learnt from our Past instructors, we instruct to our Present students, who are the Future of Taekwon-do!

Mind, Body & Indomitable Spirit

The club website, facebook and twitter accounts, will all be rebranded over time . . . there are a lot of references to Beccles Taekwon-do to update on the internet.

All previous website links will still be active, but

will now be our new dominant domain name once the switch is complete!

We will also be ordering dobok badges to go over the existing Beccles logo should anyone want to sew them on, but existing Beccles doboks are still fine to wear.

… and look out for our NEW TIGER, he will also be part of the general branding for promotions and advertising!!

New T-shirts and Hoodies will soon be available.

See you in the dojang soon.

Mr & Mrs B.

rebranding as ICENI TAEKWON-DO

We are now back in FULL Taekwon-do action!

Taekwon-do for All

Taekwon-do for All! We are now back in FULL Taekwon-do action!

Juniors Adults & Veterans…so Young & Old, Mums, Dads & Grandparents can all join! Ages 8-80!

New Members Welcome! Try for Free!

ITF Taekwon-do is a Korean Martial Art, we will be working on all aspects which includes: Hand and Feet Techniques, Blocks, Punches, Kicks, Strikes. Belt Grade Patterns(sequence of moves), Full Contact Bag Work, Point Sparring, Semi-contact Sparring, Self Defence, Destruction(board breaking) and Fitness!!

Book a Free Session here. Use this code TRY4FREE when booking!

> > BOOK HERE! < <

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“Don’t Drop Your Guard! The Fight Against Covid is Still On!”

“Don’t Drop Your Guard! The Fight Against Covid is Still On!” self-defence

“Don’t Drop Your Guard! The Fight Against Covid is Still On!”

>>Covid restrictions are being lifted! But please DO NOT come to class if you are FEELING UNWELL or have had recent contact with Covid!!<<

At Beccles Taekwon-do we teach self-defence so that you can look after yourself and others. 🥋

So as we try to move forward with removal of restrictions please stay safe, look after yourself and others!

The wearing of masks to the Dojang is now optional 😷

Sanitiser Gell and Wipes will be available!

Kick-shields will be wiped down before and after use!

Tell us if you still wish to train socially distanced!

Mr & Mrs B

See BTC latest information:

“Kick Those Spots Goodbye!”

“Kick those Spots Goodbye!”

NO restrictions & NO limits on Class Numbers!

All classes STILL need to be Booked in advance!

All Classes will now be 90 minutes

Mondays 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Thursdays 7.00pm to 8.30pm

New & Old Members Welcome! 1st Class FREE!

Use code TRY4FREE when booking!

Juniors, Adults and Veterans!

> > BOOK HERE! < <

>> VERY IMPORTANT – COVID-19 is still with us <<

So please do not attended if you have Cold Symptoms or Feel Unwell!

Bag Work & Sparring (initially with light contact) will be back on the Syllabus!

Existing members, if you’ve got sparring kit bring it to the Dojang!

All males need a groin guard for sparring!

We train bare feet

NO Jewellery to be worn

Wearing of masks to the Dojang is still optional

Sanitiser Gell and Wipes will be available

Kick-shields will be wiped down before and after use

PLEASE let us know if you still need to be socially distanced!

Mr & Mrs B

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