… and we are back! Plus important May Training dates information

ICENI TAEKWON-DO The Art of Self Defense

… and we are back!

We are back to training sessions as normal this week!

Starting on Monday 17th and Thursday 20th of April.

Those of you who are now in the higher belt grades should try to train twice a week whenever you can.

This will help with your journey towards getting your Black belt!

Please pre-book your classes here:



… important May 2023 training dates information

The Venue is closed on Bank Holidays, and there are 3 Monday Bank holidays in May,

including the King’s Coronation.

So we are arranging to move those evenings to the following Tuesday where possible.

This will ensure there is an opportunity for everyone to continue their training.

Look for the Tuesdays in the club’s online booking system!


… invite a friend or family member to learn Taekwon-do!

We always need new members, and they can start with 4 Free Sessions!

Anyone can book their Free sessions on the club website here:



See you in the Dojang

Mr & Mrs B

ICENI TAEKWON-DO The Art of Self Defense

The Art of Self Defense

Traditional Taekwon-do

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